Chef's Best

Commercial Kitchen Safety Mats

Description: Fully launderable mat that performs great as an anti-fatigue mat and as a flow-through safety mat in wet or dry commercial or industrial kitchen environments. Constructed of 100% High Density Nitrile Rubber cushion which is far superior in grease and oil resistance than other “grease proof” mats. Drainage holes allow liquid and moisture to pass through the mat. Offset backing provides additional softness and support.

Recommended Use: Commercial Industrial kitchen production areas such as in resturants, luncheonettes, super-markets, schools, universities, bars and more.

Chef's Best
3' x 5' Grease Resistant Black 76.99
3' x 5' Grease Proof Red 111.99
Chef's Best Interlocking Modular Tiles
3' x 3' Grease Resistant Black 57.99
3' x 3' Grease Proof Red 84.99
Ramp - Black 8.99
Ramp - Red 19.99
Corner - Black 3.99
Corner - Red 6.99
Connector Strip - Black 3.99
Connector Strip - Red 6.99