HD Super Vinyl

Custom Made Vinyl Logo Mat

Description: A Military & Government Favorite! A rugged & good-looking logo mat for aggresive professional use. Our best-selling Super Vinyl Link Logo Mats are custom created using a high-tech manufacturing process which allows for exceptional image clarity & superior longevity over other similar products. Our unique manufacturing method allows your logo or image to be presented with no image distortion, as compared with other vinyl link mats.

Recommended: Suited for aggresive all-weather outdoor use in every type of demanding climate: wet, dry, cold or hot. Perfect for military bases, municipal buildings, retail facilities, commercial buildings & more.

Per Foot Sizes - 2' x 3' thru 6' x 20'
1 Background / 1 Logo Color
1 Background / 2 Logo Colors
1 Background / 3 Logo Colors
1 Background / 4 Logo Colors