Grid Entry Matting

Commercial Entrance Mats

Description: Rugged Grid is our heavy duty 1/2" vinyl grid with carpet strip inserts. This sturdy entry mat can be recessed in the floor, surfaced mounted on top of the floor or loose-laid on top of the floor. Effectively scrapes dirt, grit and moisture off shoes and traps it beneath the mat, out of harms way. Carpet strips add a wiping and drying action to complement the scraping action of the heavy-duty vinyl.- Reduce Slips and Falls - Cuts maintenance costs - Easy to maintain - Simple to install - Long Life Span

Recommended Use: Designed to perform & last in high traffic commercial, industrial & institutional facilities such as grocery stores, retail locations, hotels, universities, airports, municipal buildings, military bases or anywhere else an aggresive entry mat system is called for. Suitable for indoor or covered outdoor locations

Grid Entry Matting Grey Color Swatch Grid Entry Matting Brown Color Swatch Grid Entry Matting Black Color Swatch Grid Entry Matting Green Color Swatch
Rugged Grid Standard - With Glue Down Carpet Strips