AirLift Standard

Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

Description: Our most popular ergonomically styled anti-fatigue matting designed to provide comfort and relief for aching feet and legs. Great for light to moderate standing environments. Economical solution for improving workers comfort and productivity. Constructed of 100% closed cell PVC foam with beveled edges for increased safety. Available in two durable embossed non-slip textures. Material can easily be cut to fit any work area as needed. Available in individual custom sized mats or 60' rolls in 3/8" thickness.

Recommended Use: Recommended for dry to moist Industrial Commercial Environments such as Industrial Work Cells, Registers, Check Out Counters, Shipping and Packaging Work Cells and More.

3/8" Thick - Black - Per Foot

3/8" Thick - Yellow Safety Borders - Per Foot

5/8" Thick - Black - Per Foot